Drupal website design

We build all our custom websites in Drupal. These can also be websites that are only accessible via passwords. Drupal is an IT solution without license costs. So you do not pay for the software itself, but only for the use of that software in the development of the website.

The delivered website becomes your property. It is possible to place maintenance in our hands afterwards, but you don't have to. By using reusable modules, we keep the construction costs of the site low. We also provide hosting of your website at a Dutch company we work with. It is possible to choose servers in the Netherlands or the United States. The site will be given a unique IP address.

A strong feature of a Drupal website is that it can easily be adapted to your special needs by installing extra so-called 'modules'.

We have experience with redeveloping existing websites in Drupal. The costs for such a redesign vary, depending on the complexity, from € 6,000 to several tens of thousands of euros. The costs for a completely new website start at € 9,000 because of the time it takes to develop the required functionalities.

More information about Drupal is available in the two English-language videos below from the Drupal Association and 'Drupal Jedi' respectively.