Drop shipping automation

Dropshipping has long been a financially safe way to sell products via webshops or online platforms without investing in stocks. With dropshipping, the wholesaler sends the products to the buyers on behalf of the selling webshop. Many wholesalers offer online connections with which products, prices and stock information can easily be kept up to date. We have experience with almost completely automating these webshop update processes. The best solution must be determined for each wholesaler. If you have plans to start a webshop in this way, we can fully take care of this process of building such a webshop for you.

On request, we develop a webshop that has great similarities in terms of layout with the four-language webshop QloQs.eu, with which we sell watches and jewelry ourselves. We can build a total solution for you that we can show you as a prototype with a limited number of products. You must take care of concluding contracts with payment intermediation companies (such as Mollie), but we can also help you with this.

The costs for developing such a webshop depend on the size of the number of products, the number of languages ​​to be used and the complexity of the online connections that the wholesaler offers you. The costs vary between € 4,000 and € 20,000.

You can also have a webshop made by us if you want to maintain it yourself. The development costs of such a simple webshop vary between € 2,000 and € 6,000. This webshop also has the same layout as our webshop QloQs.eu.

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